Saturday, April 12, 2008

Check Up

I took Aaron and Austin for a check up. They have not been to the doctor in a good while and we were establishing a new family doctor. They were so funny and were asking me a million questions before hand. Do we have to take our clothes off? Aaron kept insisting that noone could make him take his clothes off. He had that right to say no! Ok, boys it is no big deal. Are they going to-you know- make me cough? LOL! They really must watch to much tv! Guys it is no big deal. You need to let the doctor do what ever she needs too. SHE??? OH, my- sigh-. So, Austin was up first. He checked out good. No problems. She measured him and said he was 5'3" 119 lbs. When she stepped out of the room he was mad. He said, "They heighted me at school and I was 5'5". Aaron and I cracked up. They HEIGHTED you? We gave him a hard time all day about his grammer issues. He was really saddened by the 2 inches. OH my. Then Aaron's turn came. He came in at 5'9" and 122 lbs. Again his blood pressure was high. I really thought it was because he needed to lose some pounds but she said no. High blood pressure in children is not because of weight. Many overweight children do not have blood pressure issues. She wanted to draw blood to rule out some things. They stuck him three times and he would not bleed. Ah ha- that is what is wrong with him. That is why he has no heart- no blood to it!! Ok, really they had to freeze his vein with some chemical and then got the blood. We will know more soon. But GOOD news!!! No one had to take their clothes off!!
Can't post pictures. My page here has not had picture, spell check or any of those options in several days. Wonder what is up?


Barbara H. said...

I had never heard of the freezing thing. I tend to have small veins and often have to get "stuck" more than once.

Glad everyone checked out ok! I need to get my youngest in -- he hasn't has a regular check-up in a long time.

Crystal said...

This just cracks me up!

What an ordeal with the blood draw! I'm a hard poke too. NOrmally for me they have to use a butterfly needle and I have to do a hot compress on cold days. I also have to sit and drink a ton of water before my draws.

Sharon said...

How funny - heighted! Cute! I hope that they can figure out why they have high blood presure. I have never heard of them not being able to draw blood and having to freeze the vein. Very interesting. I hope they both will be fine.

Have a good weekend!

~ Sharon

jennifer said...

Gosh, was he a trooper over the blood drawing thing? I would have been a big baby. Glad they didn't have to turn their head and cough or disrobe. LOL. The blood pressure thing surprised me. I guess I've never thought about young people having high blood pressure. Glad they are through with their check up.

Oh, and I get the questions from my son too, but it is mostly "Will I have to get a shot?" I think he would do laps around the building naked if it meant he didn't have to face a needle.


Feathering My Nest said...

I've never heard of this Sondra. I hope they can find out quickly what's up. How cute "Heighted Me."

I hope your computer gets to working properly soon. Hugs, Kathi