Monday, April 28, 2008


I am in the process of saying goodbye to my job. Today I want to go over what I will NOT miss about my job. First of I want to say to Sharon at I really did not copy your post about your daily commute -I promise. I had already planned on doing this type of post.
Here is a look into the most miserable part of my current job!
5:00 am I wake up.
6:15 I leave out the door. About half way into my commute and you can still see that it is still dark outside.

I hate driving on the interstate. I think the only time I should be driving on it is when I am going on vacation! As I finally reach my exit the first signs of daylight are emerging.
Ok, so it is about a 40 minute drive for me each morning. But the worst is yet to come.
3:05 I am off work and out the door to pick up the kids from school. Austin has been out of school 5 minutes already so I know he is waiting. You can see him down there in the distance waiting on me. It looks like another kid has a late mom too!
3:33 Austin is finally in the car and now we have to head back in the direction that I pretty much have just came from to get Aaron.
4:00 We arrive to get Aaron. He was let out of school at 3:30 so his wait is a 3 minutes less than Austin's. He sits on the steps of a nearby church playing his psp waiting for us.
4:37 We finally arrive home.

This is way to much driving and some days it stresses all of us out. And with gas prices like this-
I will be so happy to give up this daily routine! I cannot wait to hop in my car and be to work in 5 minutes. There are things that I will miss about my job and I will be talking about some of them this week.
Oh and a word for Sharon- It is very dangerous to drive and take pictures!! I nearly ran off the road a few times. I do not know how you do it! LOL! Be careful about shooting and driving- pictures that is!


Sharon said...

Hi Sondra!

You silly girl! I didn't think you copied me! We all have so many things in common, we are bound to get the same ideas! Plus, it is fun to see someone elses day! I am so glad that you don't have to spend that much time driving anymore! How wonderful!

I will tell you two ways to link to someone else's blog.

1. This is probably the real way you link. When you are writing a post, you could write something like this.....visit Sharon at her blog and you chose one of those words or all of them and highlight them, then you click on the little icon on the tool bar of the post, when you hover your mouse over it, it says Link. Click on it. It opens a little drop down box and you type in the person's URL code. That's it!

2. The other way is so easy!!! I discover it one day. You just highlight the person's name if you have them on your side bar as a favorite and right click and copy, then you just paste it right into your post! You can even grab all your friends on your favorite list and paste their links into a post (you would do this if you were passing an award on etc.). It works great!

3. You can also link to one of your previous posts! You just open up that old post, and click on link this and then look at the very top of your page where the http:// code is and copy that and enter it into your post, so if you didn't want to explain something that you already shared about two months ago you can say click here to read more and it will take them right to your old post! Pretty neat huh!

Have a great evening!

Hugs, Sharon

jennifer said...

The gas prices are outrageous! I wouldn't miss the early mornings either. Hope that you are doing well.


nannykim said...

wELL, YOU AND SHARON ARE TWO CRAZY GIRLS!! I am glad you no longer have that long day!! It is hard to find time to breath when it is like that!! Oh, thanks for answering the question about the testing! Hope your kids don't have the gluten problem!

Feathering My Nest said...

Robin, Yay! You no longer have that crazy day. You sound like me on only some of my days, but to have every day like that is very stressful. I'm so happy for you.

Hugs and smiles, Kathi