Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So, we are all just hanging out tonight. I am grilling hamburgers and the boys are all playing basketball. Sandy is hanging out enjoying his new ride. We bought him a Dodge Durango. He hates to say goodbye to his old truck, but it is time. He has had it forever and it has been good to him, but he is so excited about his new one! This is way out of normal for me to be up so 'late' (LOL) and cooking. It is 8:30 and I am usually in bed. I think I just feel so much less stressed out with knowing that I am about to start a new job and knowing the boys are safe and sound. :) It was really great how everything came together on the vehicle. My best friends husband had just totaled his truck and he went out looking for another affordable one. I hadn't talked to her in a few days so I called her today to talk about the plans to get the Dodge. She asked if we had sold the truck and I told her no. They came right over and bought it with cash. We were able to use that for the down payment!


Feathering My Nest said...

What a wonderful blessing! I'm so happy for you Sondra, to get the old one sold and with cash.

It looks like you all are having so much fun with the BBQ and basketball. You have a wonderful family.

Have a great evening, Kathi

Feathering My Nest said...

I forgot to ask you, have you decided which job you will take? Keep us posted. Hugs, Kathi

Sharon said...

Looks like such a fun evening! You look like such a cute mom out there cooking burgers for the family! I love it! The boys look like they are having a blast. Don't you just love it when they all play together, it just warms a mother's heart! Congrats to Sandy on his new Durango! Yea!

Love Sharon

jennifer said...

THAT is a cool car. Congratulations on how it all worked out!


jennifer said...

*deep singing voice*

"Hello Darlin'
Nice to see you
It's been a long TTTIIIIIMMME...."

Conway Twitty I think?

Hey Sondra, I left an award for you on my site. Come Quick! Run! Get it! It's a prestigous award (NO, not THAT one - I COVET the leg lamp award. I WANT it!).

Have a happy day!