Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday Blah Blah

Just wanted to let you all know that my DNA test came back and we are 100% sure that I have Celiac. Friday was my last day working in the kitchen. I am officially out of the food business for good. That is such a hard thing for me. Cooking is my comfort zone. I can run a big kitchen with my eyes closed. Oh well, the time has come to move on. Funny thing happened today. I got a large envelope in the mail and it said- here is the catalog you ordered. Inside was a catalog of whole grain products. I told the kids that someone must be playing a cruel joke on me! The food looked so yummy. Strange how I got on that mailing list :). I also wanted to clear up the confusion about my certification. My certification is not for selling real estate. It is for propery management. With this licence I can work in the office at an apartment complex or manage a strip mall- stuff like that. Just wanted to straighten that out.

Oh, and best of all look at the wonderful award my sweet friend Sharon gave me! You should visit her blog sometime. It is so fun!
Please pray for her. She has been under the weather :(
Well, I am going to watch a movie. I rented Becoming Jane and the kids are actually giving up the big screen for me. How nice of them! I am fixing a big bowl of Breyers all natural mint chocolate chip icecream to eat while I enjoy the movie. I found out it is gluten free. Yeah! It is my favorite ice cream.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


jennifer said...

You'll have a lot of changes to make but you can do it Sondra! Congratulations on the award!!! I watched Becoming Jane and I really liked it - made me a bit sad, but it was good. Jennifer

Crystal said...

:-( What was the reason for leaving the kitchen? Is it a mobility thing? I know that about once a week Kevin will tell me my food is so good I should be working in or running my own restaurant. But I know with my mobility issues from my arthritis that I couldn't do it. I can't work retail anymore either... So I've been home a lot lately. This last time Kevin complimented me about my cooking I reminded him about my mobility issues and said, well, I guess that's one reason I'm writing cookbooks.
Maybe we should make one together eventually.

With my med changes I've gone from bad to worse. I still need to get my new injections and see how I do with those, but this weekend has been aweful. I'm asleep more then awake, and well, my hands and back and hips are near useless.

Sorry to go on and on in a comment.

Persuaded said...

wow hon... i am praying for you so often. hoping this adjustment is going as well as can be expected((hugs))

nannykim said...

Well--I am so glad you know what the matter is--or that it was confirmed. I find that if I eat anything with wheat my body tells me--even the kikomon soy sauce (spellling?)--most restaurants use this. The La Choy is gluten free, however. One time I had eaten salad and couldn't figure out wha had bothered me--then I found out blue cheese is not gluten free--ugh. Thanks for clarifying your training ;-)

Sharon said...

Hey....glad you enjoyed your award! You deserve it. I hope you had a fun time watching your movie and eating your yummy icecream! How great that it is gluten free! yea!!!

:0) Sharon