Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Austin and I colored the Easter eggs this year. The youngest two both got a gift card to the gaming store in the bottom of their baskets. They were very happy about that. I found this cute Easter egg playdough that I put in Aaron's basket. When he was little he used to eat playdough so it has always been a running joke. I just couldn't resist putting that in with his candy.

They always still get some junk toy and Aaron got the basketball gumballs and Austin got a light up flying disk. It is always fun to feel like a kid! We had our egg hunt after dark. Aaron, Austin and Tyler (their cousin)used flashlights to find the eggs. They had so much fun.

My pictures were taken with night shot so they are not very good. Of course Billy and Wesley came by hoping they had some goodies too! They both were so happy to get their candy.
I have been down with a headache most of the afternoon but all in all we had a wonderful day! Mom and Dad did not come by to hunt eggs but here is a cute picture of mom hunting with the kids last year. She was running across the yard and laughing.


jennifer said...

The night shot pics were so COOL! Sondra you are blessed to have boys that age that will dye eggs with you and do the Easter basket thing. I'm happy for you.

Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter!


nannykim said...

hunting for eggs in the dark with a flashlight is a really cool idea for older kids!! hope you are feeling better!!

jennifer said...

Sondra, come sign up for my Give Away!!


Sharon said...

What fun times! You go all out for your Easter baskets, we just do a chocolate bunny and an alabaster egg. How fun to have the egg hunt in the dark! You are a good mother! I boiled 12 eggs, but ran out of time to dye them. Now we are all eating egg salad sandwhiches! I hope your headache gets better.

Hugs, Sharon

~Robin said...

I LOVE it-now I dont feel so strange cuz i got my teenage kids easterbaskets too!!
*high five to you from me!:)

Kimmie said...

Sondra- what fun!
I love that your mom was "running and laughing!" Oh, I hope I am remembered this way...Lord, I definitely need more running and laughing in my life!

big hug~
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted