Thursday, March 27, 2008


I am very excited today. Most of you know that my career experience has been mostly in the culinary field. However, I also have a teaching certificate and have spent several years teaching some K-3 and K-4 classes. Since I left my job as a cook, I have stayed with the same company and moved into a teaching spot. Well, the other day I stopped by a local school, Palmetto Prep to take my resume in. This is a very prestigious, upscale school that goes from infants to third grade. The pay is excellent as well as the benefits. The positions at this school hardly ever come open and when they do they are very hard to get. I am happy to say that I have received a call back for another interview! I am just so excited. As some of you know I recently took some property management classes and I thought that I might like to give that a try. But ever since I was a child I wanted to be a teacher. I really wanted to teach high school math but 4 years of college was not an option after having the kids. So, this opportunity would be the next best thing for me.
The only drawback that I am having right now are the hours. Aaron will be ready to drive when school starts back next August. However, we still have two months of school and I will need to figure out how to get them home from school every day until summer. I know if this job is God's will then it will all work out!
I am so excited I have called everyone I know and wanted to share with you all!


Sharon said...

Congratulations! That is just wonderful! I am so, so happy for you! I am sure God will work out all the details for you. I will pray that something will work out soon for the boys rides. It's funny how both of us got new jobs! Yea for us!

Hugs, Sharon

Crystal said...

That is wonderful news! Back when I was in H.S. my mom was in a similar situation, I ended up taking the city bus until I could get dad to start to drive me when his schedule changed.
I'm sure things will work out. It certainly seems like God is laying a new path before you!

~Robin said...

It's so nice to have something you can plan on, a schedule, predictable...good for you!
Love & blessings~

Frogdancer said...

Take the job. It's only two months so the kids can take public transport or something without it being too much of a chore.

Teaching is so much fun. You're going to love it!

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful opportunity. Well done you!


jennifer said...

Yea Sondra! That's terrific news. God is good and He will take care of it!

Come by - you ALMOST got selected - one of twelve - but you were mentioned on my site today!


jennifer said...
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nannykim said...

Wow--amazing , isn't it--God is so intimate with us!