Sunday, March 16, 2008


You all are the most wonderful blogger friends in the world!!! You have all been so sweet with your comments as I have been sick. I feel like I have been sick more than I have been well lately. It is very frustrating and I am very anxious to feel like myself again. I am having terrible headaches every morning. It might be a side effect of the medicine but I am not sure. I talk to my mom nearly everyday and she is always concerned for me. So, today when I called her she sounded awful. She said that she has had this awful toothache for several days. She has only been asking about how I am doing and did not tell me she was feeling bad! I guess that is a mom for you! My mom really never gets sick or has anything wrong with her. The only medicine she has taken in YEARS (and I mean-years) is aspirin and that she only takes in a dire emergency! I can count the times she has been to a doctor on one hand! So, to hear her sound so bad is just not good. She is going to try to get in to see the dentist in the morning. She asked me to pray that they have an opening. I told her to demand to be seen, but she is just not like that! If they tell her she has to wait for an appointment- she will just wait! Apparently her tooth broke and she is hoping that it is just due to that and not an abscess. I told her that most people at her age do not even have their real teeth so maybe her teeth are just weakening now. Just part of old age!!! (Just kidding Mom).
I hope that all of you have a wonderful SHORT week. No work Friday! No school Friday! Yeah!!


Frogdancer said...

Plus we have two weeks holiday!!!! Yay!

These are the times that I love being a teacher...

Sharon said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mother Sondra. I pray that she can get into the dentist right away and that it will be a simple procedure. Bless her heart. What a lovely, patient woman she is! I feel bad for you too and hope that you get back to yourself soon. I wonder if your headaches can be from withdrawls from certain foods now that you are on your new celiac eating program??? I hope you get well soon.

Have fun with your short week and spring break next week!

Hugs, Sharon

Julieann said...

Oh No--I hope your mother's tooth gets fixed quick---Tooth pain is the worst.

I hope you are quickly on the road to recovery:)



Kimmie said...

Wow, your mom is blessed to be so healthy...hope her tooth is feeling better.

I didn't know you were sick, you have my heart-hope you get some rest and pop back sooner than you'd expect.

Sending a hug and praying for a healing for you.

Have a Happy Resurrection Day!


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