Monday, September 24, 2007

Proud Mom

I feel so good about some things that have happened with Aaron and Austin. Today in school, Austin's class was put into groups to do a project. The boys in his group were talking about some things that 12 year olds should not be talking about. They kept asking Austin did he know what certain things were and trying to get him to talk "dirty". Well, he would not do it. He spoke up and said he was not going to talk like that. I was very proud of him. I told him that it would have been ok to ask the teacher to put him in a new group. I know it is hard to try to stand up for what you believe in school. I know how cruel kids can be, so I am very pleased in him.
Then last week Aaron kept telling me that he wanted to switch high schools. I was very puzzled by this as he was very excited to be accepted in his current school. After several days I finally found out what the problem was. One of his good friends was being made fun of a lot by some other kids. His friend is "country" or as some might say "red neck". The kids have been teasing him real bad and Aaron saw how it was hurting him, so I guess together they decided they would just transfer schools. :) How great for Aaron to stand by his friend and be so loyal. I doubt that they will both transfer but just the thought that he would be willing to do this for a friend makes me so proud.


Sharon said...

What wonderful sons you have! It is so neat to see Christ working in our youth! Both of your boys are making wonderful choices and showing that they have Godly wisdom! Good job Mom!

Hugs, Sharon