Saturday, September 15, 2007

Google Fun

So I am over at Diane's blog and she has this real funny thing about putting your name in the google search engine. You put your name and then looks like. You put this all in quotes and see what comes up. Here was mine.

Sondra looks like she has a tiny horn coming out of her head ( I was thinking unicorn like but my boys think more devil like lol)

sondra looks like a gentle honest woman (I like that one better)

Sondra looks like Ugly Betty after a hysterectomy. (that is just too hilarious!)

Sondra looks like she is in pain at the present time

Sondra looks like she has been on a trip (yes I do really need a vacation)

That was so much fun. What a great laugh I got out of it. Try it yourself and let me know what comes up for you!


Sharon said...

I will have to try the Google Fun game.

Too funny about your neice's game and that they are Dawgs too!

So glad we can talk about this empty nest stuff because there is not a whole lot of info out there, especially from a Christian point of view and from a mom who is having a hard time with it. There are a lot of mom's out there, sadly, who can't wait for their kids too leave and I just can't relate to that!

Stay tuned, as my son Cameron is moving out as I speak, he just took a load over to his new apartment. I am holding up really great right now and praying that I will stay this way! I'll be blogging about my progress!

Take care and have a beautiful day! Sharon

Diane J. said...

Hi, Sondra, and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I borrowed the Google thing from another blogging friend, and hers was hilarous. I see yours was funny too, especially the Ugly Betty one, LOL!

Feel free to visit again anytime, and have a blessed Sunday.