Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Memories

So, now I am participating in Monday Memories from Revee's site, Country Roads. Here is my memory for this monday.
One of my most memorable times as a child has to do with my Uncle Marlin. Some people might say that my Uncle Marlin was a stern man, a man set in his ways, a man who would speak his mind, and also maybe a man of few words. I am really not sure how people viewed him because I was a child and did not ponder things like that. I do know that he always wore suspenders and he did not like it much when kids like to "snap" them, but some how I always got away with doing it.
Growing up I did not have television, but somehow by visiting people I came to love the show Little House on the Prairie. I became a huge fan of the show and I knew that every night at 7pm the show would air. So every night I would call up my Aunt Pat and ask her if I could come up and watch Little House. She would then call into the living room to ask Uncle if I could come up and watch it with him. He would always say yes and I would trek up over the steep hill to his house and flop down in the floor in front of the TV. Now as many of you know Little House is not a show that grown men like to watch. But that man loved me enough to endure numerous episodes. He never complained or made bad comments about the show.Sometimes he would tease me about crying over the show. I remember one really sad episode and I was crying and I looked over at him and I could have swore that it was getting to him too! But he surely would never admit to that!
My Uncle Marlin has now gone home to heaven and I have many dvd sets of Little House on the Prairie. No matter how many times I watch them, the memory never goes away of me laying on the floor in front of his tv and him sitting over there on the couch patiently letting me watch it.
How I loved that man :)


Revee said...

What a lovely memory - Little House and your uncle! It was so kind of him to let you come and watch all those episodes. Thanks so much for sharing!

LBP said...

What a great memory!!

Your uncle surely was very kind hearted to watch Little House with you!


Jennifer said...

What a sweet memory of your uncle. Thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

What a sweet memory.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my Blog. Yes, it is nice to have a girl in the house. I have been praying for her for many years now! I pray for all of my sons future wives!

You mentioned that you have one or is it two sons that have left the nest. When did they move out? Are they near by? Are you happy with the situation? I hope so.

So far I have not cried or gotten really sad about Cameron being gone. I really hope that I will be fine with it! I really thank the Lord for preparing me for this because if it happened right after he graduated I would have been a mess! Empty nest is like nothing you ever imagined and even though I knew it was coming, it hit me like a ton of bricks! My first "episode" was when my first graduated from high school, I thought I was going crazy and I thought I would never be happy again, but praise God, he got me through and I have had tons of happy things since then. So maybe this time I won't go through the sadness. I hope not!

Take care! Sharon

jennifer said...

What a special memory!! I love Little House to this day!!

Patty said...

Hi girl,
Enjoyed your blog page, and all the memories you put into it.

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing a wonderful memory, and for stopping by my page as well! :) I love Lttle House too! Blessings ~ Heather