Saturday, September 29, 2007

BILLY stops by to shave his head

Billy came over to do some laundry and to borrow the clippers. His hair grows so fast that he likes to shave it down real short. Plus he works in a very hot plant so it is cooler that way. I can't believe how tall he is and his shoe is a size 13. It is so hard to believe that my boy has grown up so. As always he thinks he has to show off his tattoo in any picture that he takes. I do not agree with tattoos and was not happy at all with his decision. He has the names of his twin sisters and the date they died. He struggles with dealing with the death of his sisters and somehow he feels a little responsible. That of course is not possible in any way and he was only four years old at the time. He did not want me to have another baby and would clearly say that many times and was angry about it. We have spent many serious conversations about all the events that happened at that time. Some things he just refuses to talk to me about, but he felt very strongly about getting the tattoo. I know he is going to do what he wants, and I try to voice my concern in a positive way. I can not change what he has done so I can only try to guide him in future choices.


Anita said...

Sorry for beeing a bit late for S&T. Oh, I can't believe you got that piano for free! I would love to play the piano, too...

Best wishes from Germany,

Sharon said...

Wow! You got your wish, he has shorter hair now! :0)

Very handsome boy. I love the photo, it shows your love for each other.....neat!

Hugs! Sharon

Sharon said...

Sondra - where are you? You haven't posted in a few days - I miss you! :0) Sharon