Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who's old and outa shape?

Saturday our church had a big basketball event. The boys team that Aaron plays on had a game against the parents.

The young boys thought they would just punish the 'old men', but they held their own. The game was close for a while. The boys did end up winning but it was so fun to watch. There is Sandy (in the blue) and Aaron passing each other on the court. Can't you just feel that tension? They also had a free throw contest, three point shoot out and agility skills. Aaron came close to winning the three point shoot out.Sandy trying out his skills.Even Austin took a shot at some of the competitions.
We had a great time and I am sure that the men were all sore the next day. They did get a little rough out there. Last night I noticed a huge raw place on Sandy's knee. I said, "What did you do?" He said, "Oh, that happened in the basketball game!" LOL!
Once again my pictures never turn out right inside of the gym. I have tried every option on my camera. Can't figure it out.


Sharon said...

That looks like a super fun time! I'm glad the old guys held their own!!!

:0) Sharon

Persuaded said...

men and sports! i just could never understand why they get so all fired up... but hey vive la difference, right? ;)

nannykim said...

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