Saturday, May 30, 2009


Here is my little 'magic man'. See his new green cards?

He packed up all his tricks in a nice leather case and off we went...........
To Tabitha's birthday party. Tabby is one of my old daycare students and I have kept in touch with her and her family. I just love them. Anyway, Austin was about to do his first children's magic show.

He had his own little table set up and here he is doing the multiplying rabbit trick. One little girl asked to see this over and over. (sorry for the small pics don't know what happened)

Even the parents were fascinated.

At the end he did some big tricks in front of the whole group. He did the magic coloring book. See the big crayon. Then he took a piece of paper and made a huge flame out of it and then the flame turned into twenty dollars for the birthday girl.
He did such a good job and the kids talked about it for days. I am so proud of him because he is usually so quiet and shy but he really had the kids going after he warmed up. He has been so excited too because they have just opened a magic store in our town!
Here I am with Tabitha. Look how I matched her pinata! LOL! That was not planned.

Once again I will show the sketches from way back when he started doing card tricks. I just love these.
Air shuffle
Floating card

And here is a new thing from that web site. It is a 'museum' shot. This is one of many pics of Austin playing with a frame. Gotta love this crazy guy!


jennifer said...

Go Austin! He looks like a pro!

Kathi said...

Those are such cool graphics. I love the look of your new background. Kathi

Kimmie said...

Very talented young man...continue to follow your heart and allow the creativity that God planted in you to bust out.


Looks like a wonderful birthday party...great job Austin!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted