Friday, May 1, 2009

Hard at Work

See the pile of dirt?See more piles of dirt?
And even more.

See boys and hubby hard at work?

Where is Aaron? Maybe being lazy.

The lower part of our yard and driveway get flooded when it rains a lot. It has been getting worse over the years. I had an opportunity to get some dirt that we were moving from the car lot, so we figured we could use it to fix the yard. Unfortunatley we do not have the finances to rent equipment to spread it out, so it will be done by hand. Hey, a little hard work is good for everyone! Aaron- where are you? Aaron???

Mom and Dad were over working on their trailer as well. They stripped the paint and got it ready for some new painting and lettering. They will be putting some Bible verses on it. I didn't get to see the fininshed design because they have headed off for some more meetings in Texas. Maybe they will send me some pictures. (hint hint mom).


jennifer said...

That's a lot of dirt! No hard work never hurt anybody.

I would love to see pics of your parents trailer completed. It sounds interesting.

And your new blog layout is SO pretty!