Saturday, May 9, 2009

Small Treasures

Once again Sandy had some residents move out and I got a bundle of little treasures. This is just some of my beauty items.
I got some great organic and all natural products like soaps, lotions, face creams. I got several bottles of perfume and a bunch of other misc stuff. I just love all these litte things. I would not generally go out and buy myself certain things, like these great little eye creams because they are pricey so to me these items are so fun to get. I put some of them in my extra jar. At Christmas our mechanics gave us chocolate truffles in these neat little jars. They are plastic but I hated to trow them away so I use them in the bathroom. Pretty cute-huh?

We also got a bunch of can goods, rice and other non perishable foods. Look at all the tuna! What a great blessing. Every little bit helps :)
And here is the best treasure of all. The man that gave Sandy this lamp told him that it is very old. I can not find any markings on it. It is so heavy.
I think this white piece is marble. Look at the fancy legs. My only problem is that I am not sure what kind of shade will go on this. It fits a regular bulb but the clip on shade that I have only fits on a small bulb. This lamp is really short and does not really look right with a large shade or a small one for that matter. Does any one have any suggestions on what would look good?
Thank for any tips and I will see what ya'll can help me come up with!


Persuaded said...

what a nifty bunch of goodies!

about the lamp.. maybe one of those stained glass, tiffany type shades? just a thought☺

have a wonderful mother's day dear♥

jennifer said...

We gave candy to our bus drivers in jars like that. I hope that they used their's as well as you have.

Carla said...

SCORE!! I love those little jars:)

Sharon said...

What fun freebies you got!!! I love those jars, what a good idea to put small lotion bottles and samples in them. That lamp is WONDERFUL! I love it. I would think a little mini shade with fringe might be cute. If you can't find one you might be able to go to the craft store and get a plain one and then decorate it yourself.

Hugs, Sharon