Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

I hope you all had a fun and happy Halloween. If you remember, last year I was very disappointed with the way our Halloween went. I helped my niece pass out candy at her new apartment. To many grown up kids with no costumes, begging for candy. To many kids saying they didn't like the candy we were giving out.....on and on. However, this year Austin and I decided to participate in the "Trunk or Treat" that was going on at church. I had never done this before so I thought it would be fun. We got some dollar tree decorations, loaded up our battery power and got a string of orange lights.

Here we were getting it all together.

Austin helped pass out the candy. There were some kids who did not dress up, but all in all the little kids were so cute. I was surprised that many of the parents dressed up with their kids. Look who stopped by....Shrek!
Here is our trunk after dark. Of course, I am still using my cell phone camera and it does not take night pictures at all! But, you get the idea.

Austin and I had a great time! I hope you all had a fun day too!


Lori said...

Happy Belated Halloween!!

You guys did a great job of decorating your trunk.

We went to a local church's trunk or treat too.

Kathi said...

What fun! I've heard of trunk or tree. I think my Aunt Arlene does it. My husband got tired of the great big high school boys coming to our door to trick or treat. He had a separate bowl of yucky things for them. Cough drops, Horehound candy, mushrooms, onions, and peppers. He dropped them in really fast so they didn't see them til they were gone. Ha Ha

Happy Tuesday. Hugs, Kathi

Carla said...

We never got much action on Halloween either, so our church's fall festival was the way to go. Cool stuff to do inside, trunk or treating outside. We had so much fun! Love your night time view!