Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Saturday morning I woke up early. I was planning on an early morning trip to the grocery store. Well, look who was also awake! What are four teenage boys doing awake at 8 am on a Saturday? That is Austin laying in the floor there. Sandy came down wondering why it was so loud for a Saturday morning so Billy was hushing everyone. Now that Billy works 1st shift, his body is used to getting up early and he just can not sleep in. I still don't know why the others are up, but good for me because they were all ready to carry all the groceries in when I got home.Late Saturday night we all went 'Glow Bowling'. There is a real small bowling alley in one of the nearby towns and it was only $25 dollars total for all of us to bowl. That is much cheaper than the $60+ that the two other alleys were charging. I love the way everything just glows. It is so fun!

Here is Wes. He did not do very well.
Here is Billy. He was very competitive. I smoked everyone in the first game with 4 strikes and 4 spares. However, by game three my arm and hand were tired and I ended up losing.
They were all tired. Maybe because they all got up so early. Billy says he is just getting old and can't go like he used to! LOL! 21 is so old. We were all a little sore the next day, except for Austin. We had a real great time and it was good to get out and do something together.
Once again, sorry for the bad pics. These were from my cell phone. Although the pics from my last post were from my phone too and they were not to bad. I was suprised. I am still looking for a new camera and hope to have one before all the holidays arrive.
Off to work I go......Ya'll have a good week.


Julieann said...

I always wonder when my son is up early--it doesn't happen often so when it does I say HMMMMM...LOL:)

Glow Bowling--that sounds like a lot of fun--I have not bowled in years--in fact I don't think there is even an ally around here. The pictures came out great---

Have a great day.


jennifer said...

Looks like so much fun! We have done that before and the kids had a ball.

And I STINK at bowling. Everyone always beats me.