Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today I had to take the kids to school because Austin had an orthodontist appointment. I usually do not have to take this road.....but today I did. As I approached to area, tears filled my eyes. I could just see the two of them walking down the road, hand in hand. So many times we passed them and waved. But no more..... The paint on the road is still visible. The crosses in the yard still stand. We felt that if the kids wanted to express their emotions by painting the road that it would be ok. A local police officer felt the same and he stayed to stop traffic for awhile.
Aaron wrote "Happy Cupcake Lori" because it was also Lori's birthday. Lori was the youngest daughter who had downs syndrome and also leukemia. She passed away when she was 13. She never said it was her 'birthday'. She said it was her 'cupcake'. The day of the accident we found a birthday card they had gotten to take to Lori's grave. Every year their grandfather said he wanted to spend Lori's birthday with her......Well, this year he did.

As I was driving by, it just broke my heart that they would never know if their grandson was accepted into Clemson. Of course a Clemson tiger paw and a # 3 for Dale was painted in the road. He was the biggest Clemson fan around and was laid to rest in his bright orange suit coat.

It also came to mind that they would never have the joy of seeing a great grandchild being born as my mom and dad soon will. I asked God- how will they know? How will they know that their grandchildren have done well in life? How will they know that their grandchildren were successful and happy? I would like to think that they can look down on us and know these things, but if that is true then they could also look down and see our big mistakes or downfalls. And since there is no grief in heaven then that would not be possible. So many questions.........but we do not question God......for his plan is perfect...........he makes no mistakes.................
Later as I sat in the orthodontist I looked around at all the people . It was if I was expecting everyone to know our pain, our grief , and understand. I guess it is because most people do know who were are or recognize our names from all the news stories. But as I looked around I realized that all these people have their own sorrows and sad stories. We are not unique. Life is hard. Life is sad. Everyone has a story. Yet, we must move forward. We must find joy and happiness.........


Lori said...

That is so so sad.

Julieann said...

ohhh---(((Gentle Hugs))))


Sharon said...

I'm sorry Sondra that things have been so hard for you guys lately. This is really rough. It is sad that it is so hard on the boys. My prayers are with you.

I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on my blog in regards to my son's wedding. I know there will be happier days for you family coming soon.

God bless, Sharon

Kimmie said...

praying for you friend!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted