Monday, November 10, 2008

Hmm. Where are we? The leaves are just beautiful, aren't they?
Do you remember that I told you my husband, Sandy got a great promotion at his work? Well, he got a nice little write up about it in his company's national news letter. It had a little guy climbing a ladder with his story. I couldn't take a picture of it because my camera phone would not capture it right. He was so excited when he saw it. His office manager did not even tell him it was in there. :( not very nice of her. Well, along with promotion comes new things. Very new things for us. Like travel! And......................Flying on airplanes. Ok, so this might not seem like much to you but.....Sandy has NEVER flown and I have NEVER flown. This is why I said it would be exciting but scary too. We were totally clueless when we got to the airport. I was so funny. We didn't know the first thing to do. The airport was so secure that I just had to say goodbye and leave. I didn't get any pictures or get to see the plane. I did get to look thru the glass and see them search him and his bag. Then up the escalator he went and I about started to cry. I was very happy for his new adventure but I was scared too. I got online and followed the whole flight. I kept my self busy until he called. I cleaned out my fridge. Looks empty huh? It is hard to keep cabinets full with all these boys!Then I started to get the things out for Thanksgiving dinner. Look at these cute pumpkin candle holders that I got at Biglots for half price.
I am not sure if I like that color of tablecloth. Might change that.

Oh and the drug store next to my work had everything 75% off way before Halloween even ended. I got these towels for 74 cents each. I also got two of those big scarecrow people that you put in your yard. They were $1.24 each.

So, Sandy made it to PA safe and sound. I am kinda jealous that he is in Lancaster without me. I grew up in that area and have a lot of family close by there. But I tried to stay busy here. Aaron had basketball practice and Billy and Wes were off with friends. I did lay around and watch movies, but it got way to quiet and boring. I am not one for all that quiet!
It will be really strange not having him here. I am sure I will be fine! LOL!
The picture of the leaves is from the airport. It was so beautiful out there. I REALLY really need to get a new camera. I could have gotten some great pictures.
Hope you all have a great week!!!


Lori said...

Hi Sondra. Looks like we are up at the same 5AM this morning.
This is why I am so tired all the time. Either my stomach or back hurting wakes me up.
I feel nauseous again this morning.
Makes me wonder if what I have going on is something more than just heartburn and all.
I'm wondering if I will end up going in for an ultrasound.
Please pray for me.
I had an egg salad sandwich yesterday for something different. I keep trying to come up with things I can eat.

I can see why flying would be excting yet scary. Hope he enjoys his trip.

Love the Thanksgiving centerpiece on your table.

I'm going to try and get some rest and maybe some sleep yet before the house is busy.

Email me at and we can be in touch that way too.
I will check my gmail later after the kids are off to school and reply back.

Kathi said...

How wonderful and exciting for your husband to travel. I'm so understanding how you feel, as my husband does travel a lot. You are doing all the right things to keep busy. Hugs, Kathi

Sharon said...

Congratulations! How fun that he gets to fly now. I hope that there will be many times that you get to go with him. You are right, it is exciting and a little scary too, but God is in control of everything! Your Thanksgiving decorations are wonderful!

Have a great day!

Celestial Freak said...

Oh Sondra,
You know, Kevin and I have flown quite a bit. Probably me more so, my dad works for United Airlines so we flew a lot for travel. But even with it being old hat I still get worked up each time.
Kevin and I haven't realy flown much in recent years since it just costs too much. But Kevin since working for this latest company has had a few business trips already. I become a basket case every time he's gone away from me, so I can understand your stress, and being a little bit jealous. How long is his trip?

Ben, Jenny & Jayden Bryant said...

So, how did Sandy enjoy his flight & Maintenance Meeting?? I'm sure it was boring, as usual! I'm so happy things are working out for him, wish it would have for everyone! Let him know I'm thinking about him and I'm proud of him for taking on this huge task!

Carla said...

Blessings to you! Life is an adventure isn't it?

jennifer said...

Don't I LOVE a bargain! I bought some good scrapbook stuff at Michaels the other day cheap! Woo Hoo!