Monday, November 17, 2008


Aaron went for some allergy testing today. They stuck many, many needles in his back and arms. Isn't that crazy looking. They actually had a hard time reading the results because he hived up every time they pricked him. They had to get a couple people to help read the results. Lately when he scratches himself, or someone scratches or hits him, he get hives. See below where he scratched his back? Strange.Well, good news for him- he had NO food allergies. We were really expecting him to have a wheat allergy due to his symptoms but he did not. First thing he did was go to Subway when he found out that he was negative for all foods. He did however test positive for EVERYTHING in the environment including our sweet cat! His allergen levels are very high right now which explains the hives. At least with a food allergy you can eliminate it, but your surroundings are not as easy to change. We hope that getting control of this will alleviate his migraines. He has had migraines since the age of 3. He has had several MRI's and we know that he has a cyst on his brain, but we were told that would not cause his migraines. Maybe now we have answer to that. Took long enough- huh?
Poor guy- looks like I could play connect the dots on him tonight!


Celestial Freak said...

Poor guy! But let me tell you it is possible to live with cats and have cat allergies. I have cat allergies and two cats. It took me a while to find the right meds, but allegra works great for me. I also was on injections for a few years, to get myself sensitized. As for my other environmental allergies, I've invested in mattress covers, pillow covers, air filters and so on, and a lot seems to help. I hope he finds what works for him. Allergy migraines are no fun! And how annoying to have them all your life.

Sharon said...

Poor guy is right! Ouchy! I am so glad he doesn't have food allergies, but like you said, it will be hard to do the environmental changes. My oldest has had headaches since he was little too, I wonder if he has allergies? I think I will talk to him about this.

God bless you today!


Ben, Jenny & Jayden Bryant said...

Oh my! I just had this done too, oh about 2-3 months ago. I too am allergic to EVERYTHING..plastic, carpet, trees, grass, flowers, pollen and on and on. I have been taken shots since my testing and sadly have been no better. I am congested all the time and suffer with pressure headaches everyday. The doctor also prescribed AllERx, which is $75 a month with insurance!!! Still no better! Hope yall have better luck!

Lori said...

OH my goodness. Poor guy.
That is good that he doesn't have food allergies.

We never did have Derek tested. We know that he has allergies. Just not certain to what.
WE just treat him with Nasonex.
Now we are wondering if Megan has allergies too.