Sunday, January 27, 2008

59 words

Touch Typing


So Crystal over at had this on her blog and I tried it out. The boys and I have been having a lot of fun seeing how fast we can type. Try it out!


~Robin said...

Thanks for sharing this-very cool! I onlt type 37 words per minute? I know when I dont have to look at something and I'm just typing away whatever is on my brain its WAy faster...does that count? :)

Sharon said...

What a fun test! Can I put it on my blog too??? I got 78 wpm. Hope you're having a great day!

:0) Sharon

nannykim said...

I am not trying!! why?--my spelling and typos I already know about. I wanted to share a tv broadcast that I happened to hear today when I was exercising . Joyce Meyer was interviewing a doctor and you can watch it if you go to

This was for today--Monday. As I listened to him it reminded me of what you were going through. His story was of being under stress in residency hospital work--he was not getting enough sleep and he was having sinus infections which he took antibiotics for.....but what reminded me of you was he started having trouble with his digestive track, all kinds of food alergies and a rash. He says they are all related and he went into some depth on it---thought you might be interested in listening--it was informative. Hope you can listen to it!!