Saturday, January 5, 2008


Aaron had a basketball game this morning. 9:00am! It is Saturday right? Had to wake up early on a Saturday! Oh well, I love to watch him play. He really loves basketball but to look at his size you would think he should be playing football. He does like football but cannot play due to his severe migraines.

He got very tired out today. They had a few boys out so Aaron was in for almost the whole game. The other team looked like grown men next to our guys and we knew from the beginning that it would probably not be a win for them.
Love how they are all looking to see if it goes in.
Nice dribble!

Aaron had his hands on the ball a lot. He scored 10 points total and had a real nice three pointer from about half court. They did play a good game, but you might not think so by looking at the score board.

OUCH! Better Luck Next Time- Guys!


Our Red House said...

Basketball is such a great game. My eldest son (13) plays for his school and although he is not the best player (he hasn't really grown yet) he enjoys the team environment and the exercise.

Happy new year, Sondra.


Saved By Grace said...

Hi Sondra,

It has been a long time, but I am glad all is going well at your home. God is truly awesome!! We are loving the fact of being grandparents. Still hasn't sunk in as we have not been able to hold her yet! So far only mom and dad, but she is doing wonderful!! She is now nursing and they are doing the crib test on her to see how she does out of the incubator. She progressing so quickly!! Your son did wonderful!! Give him a high five for me for playing so well!!!

Sharon said...

Good morning Sondra!

Even though they lost, they all still had fun and it is net that Aaron got to play so much and did so well!

I miss those Saturday games. I have been getting sad lately about Grayson and Hayden growing up. One more year and Gray graduates and Hayden will be in high school next year. I might have to post about this, it has been hitting me hard in the mornings for the past week. I just wake up and wonder what my purpose is. When they were all small I knew excatly who I was and what my purpose was....mother to four little boys. It is weird to wake up and have the house to myself.

Are you feeling any of that now. I shouldn't have gone off like that, but your post rememided me of when one of the boys would have a Saturday game and we would take all the kids and it would actually be family time for us.

I'll snap out of it! We are heading to church. Have a great day!


Sharon said...

Thank you for your encouraging, sweet words! We just got back from church and it was good, but what lifted me up was when I talked to my good friends, Virginia and Eileen after church and I kind of told them how I was feeling. I said that Saturday I ended up being alone because Eric had to go look at a new unit for his job, Grayson was working and Hayden spent the night as his big brother's house. I said what do I do when that happens and both of my friends, at the same time, said "that's when you call us". We talked a little about it. They are almost the same as I am with one or two little birds still in the nest, but getting toward the edge. :0) They both said they are sad too, but they keep going. I need to hang out with them more!

I hope that you can figure out what you want to do now that you are "grown up"! I do enjoy my job and I really enjoy working part time. I think the big change for me is when I have a free day I really don't know what to do with myself sometimes! Also, all the old stuff I used to do revolved so much around the kids even down to shopping for things for them or our family. Kind of weird! God will lead us through these times! We just need to trust in Him.

Have a fun Sunday! Sharon