Thursday, January 3, 2008


Wes thinks he got the best present of the year! Aaron and Austin got a big screen TV with surround for their xbox and even they think Wes had the best present! (well maybe not really). Here he is in his new hat waiting for his final gift. He loves that hat?! Crazy! So he ripped open the box with his eyes closed. Aaron got behind him and put the shirt on him.

Then he pushed his head down?! I don't know why but it was funny. He got this shirt that has the guitar from guitar hero on it. See- Wes is the king when it comes to guitar hero. No one can beat him. So I knew this shirt would be so appropriate for him. Now when he is out and about he can practice playing on his shirt.

Here is is doing just that!
All of his friends have begged him for his new shirt and have even offered him money! I bought it online so no one knows where to get it. Maybe when the newness wears off I will tell them so they can all get one!
Now I am just waiting for them to make shirts for Rock Band. Then we can all get one. That seems to be the favorite game around here even for the grown ups.


Julieann said...

HA HA!!! Love the hat! Oldest son LOVES guitar hero also----


Persuaded said...

How funny! My daughter's friends LOVE that game...and they would LOVE that shirt too. Boys are so funny:-)

Sharon said...

How cute! I love that hat too! Your sons look like they all love each other so much and have such fun together! Awesome!!!

Hugs! Sharon

Lori said...

That guitar here shirt is pretty cool. I'm sure my Derek would love that shirt. He'd wear it and play Guitar Hero. ha