Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Magazine Memories

I was over at looking at show and tell and Cathy was showing how she would save old magazine stories and put them in a book. I have a wonderful collection of old Christmas magazines and thought I would share some of them. This is a Family Circle from Dec 1966. That was before I was even born! :) The cost was 15 cents. I love that the cover says 'how to make gay Christmas ornaments'. I could just see that on a cover today. I just love the cover of this Family Circle from 1960. This one is so adorable. The little boy is showing his cat how he has hung his stocking by the tree.This ad was in the shopping section. For $1.25 you can buy a record that has santa talking and he will mention your child's own name. Wow, that is cheap!It is funny how the food in these books look so unappetizing. Not that the food itself would be bad, but the pictures are just awful!

I received an award! I will be back later to show you and to pass it on!


Anonymous said...

I love those old pictures. It's funny how 60s food always looks gross. I think it might have been because everyone was discovering processed food so the food always looks technicolor.

In Australia they had just discovered canned pineapple in the 60s so it appeared in almost everything, as did tinned asparagus. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

Persuaded said...

Wow! I love these old magazines! and I had to laugh when you talked about how badly the food pictures look... I have some old cookbooks and it is the same with the photos there. I wonder if the colors have aged badly or what?
anyway, thanks for sharing:-)

Jane said...

I love old magazines. I have some here - and sometimes I just pull them out and look through them. Seems to take me away to antoher place.

Have a great week.

Kimmie said...

Hi Sondra;
Cool magazine!

You have been on my heart (and in my prayers) are you honey?

sending my love and a big hug;
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Sharon said...

What great vintage magazines! I love them all. You are so right about the food looking not very appetizing! I have a collection of old cookbooks and some of the pictures are pretty funny!

A while back you asked me what type of camera I have and I kept forgetting to tell you, it is a Fuji FinePix A700. It has y.3 mega pixels with 3X optical zoom. It also can take videos, which I have never learned how to do! I thought I should let you know before Christmas in case you want to ask Santa for one! :0)

Merry Christmas! Sharon

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I agree with you on those food pictures. I never want to make food out of old cookbooks . . . it could be the pictures, or it could be the unusual combinations of lemon jello and canned tomato soup.