Saturday, October 3, 2009


As most of you know, the company I work for does great things for us. The other Friday when I got to work, the boss lady said, "Ok, get your stuff, you are going shopping- with my money". About twice a year she sends us three girls out for clothes, shoes and jewelry. It is so much fun shopping with someone else's money :) I have posted about these trips in the past and know that most of you have no interest in them. BUT- seeing as my mom is away on the road again I HAVE to share them with her! It is these little things that you miss about mom being around :)I got these two necklace and earring sets.

I got some basic khaki pants, white pants and some black ones (not shown).
I got a basic white shell.
This one I know you will like, mom. Long skirt and top.

I wore it Sunday with this pretty white over jacket. It has beautiful detail and cute flower buttons.
Green shirt.

Blue shell and matching jacket. I couldn't fit the matching capris. (to much weight gain!)

Quilted black jacket. It does have little white stitching you just can't see it in the picture.

My favorite! A light weight orange sweater.
See how good it matches my new jewlery.

And the orange shoes I got last year.
Here is a sideway picture of my with the orange shirt from last year with my new jacket and necklace.
Here are just a few of the price tags. I still can't believe that people really pay those prices for stuff!! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful boss that cares about how we look. She knows that when you are dressed nice you feel good about yourself.

This year we got our makeup done and got to bring home some of the products. I love this foundation!
Yes, this year I had to go up a size or two thanks to some weight gain from my medicines. However it is a good thing I kept some of my other clothes. My niece Tyler had a school dance to go to and I loaned her my dress and jewlery.

Mom, can you believe how grown up she is??!
Sorry mom that it took me so long to get this post up. I love sharing all of my new treasures with you. Talk to you soon.


Sharon said...

I'm interested!!!! :0) I only wish that I worked there!!! What a neat boss you have! What a fun day this must have been! You picked out beautiful things. I can't believe the prices either. What a blessing for you and the other women! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Hugs, Sharon