Sunday, October 18, 2009

This and That

Just a lot of random things going on here. Billy has moved out- again! I know this time it will be permanent. He will be living with his brother, Wes and a friend of theirs, Gary. I hope things go well for them. Here is Billy the day before he left. He was washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen up for me! Wow, that is a rare event!
Our baby kitten is growing fast. She is always getting into trouble.
We have spotted what we think might be the daddy cat. He will not let anyone get close to him at all. If you can zoom in on this picture you can see how mean and 'in charge' he looks. I love his big face.
Lost of Bulldog football games. Here is my niece. She is a senior cheerleader.

I think their uniforms are so cute this year. They have a little star cutout.
Hanging out with old high school friends. It doesn't seem like more than 20 years have past.
And Austin's been missing a lot of school due to the flu. He made him a little hideout under the stairs and behind his closet.
He has a small tv and his xbox in here. It is really dark in there, but with the flash you can't tell. I think it is so sweet that he still acts his age and does these kind of things. I know to many kids at 14 that are starting into much more grown up things. Gotta love this kid :)

And today I took my sweet Sandy to the airport. He is flying to PA for his company. I hope he has a great time.
And here is our mama kitty playing with a baby chipmunk. She did not hurt it :)


Sharon said...

Nice to catch up with you Sondra! Wow, two have left the nest again, huh? Isn't it funny how that happens! It's neat that they will be together. I love Austin's fort. He reminds me a lot of my youngest, Hayden. Actually all of my boys stayed young a long time, which I loved. The kitty is so cute! I hope the chipmunk survived! :0)

Have a great week!