Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finally! Completion of my laundry room!

So months and months ago I talked about painting my laundry room in this awesome green color! I wouldn't use this color in my house but I love it so much, so why not the laundry room? Well of course other things have come up and it was put on hold. Then I was fortunate enough to get .....these! My new washer and dryer. In my 23 years of raising kids I have always had used washers and dryers. So this is a big thing to me. I LOVE these! Funny that I should get them now- I have less laundry. :)
Since the laundry room is not seen by everyone, I decided to put many of my favorite random things that really don't fit in my house anywhere. My strings of game lights- monopoly, scrabble, Mr. potato head and candy land. They are strung around the room.
Sandy's first tag. He had this tag number for so many years. This year they changed our tag design and it had to go.
This tag from my home state. I think this came off of my dad's car.
My kitty cat ironing board.
My "irish"?? girl. Not sure where I got her or what she is really, but now she stores my plastic bags.
My giant yellow crayon bank. If there is money in the wash, it goes in here.
Some of my frogs.Some more of my frogs.
Some more frogs hang out on the water heater. Along with some old irons.
I found this 'shelf' at a yard sale for a dollar. Not sure what it was designed for. I hot glued some of my tiny random items in it. Mom, I know you will recognize some of these.
Old clip on ice skates from my childhood farmhouse. My dad found these when he bought the house (I think that is what he told me).
A cup of marbles and my snoopy trash can. I have a lot of other snoopy stuff packed in a box and might add it in this room somewhere.
This green wallpaper was on clearance for $2.00 a roll. I used it on one half of the room. Last week I found this frog border on clearance for $2.00's as well.
This room actually used to be my back porch. Many years ago my dad closed it in so I had a place for my washer and dryer. You can see the old porch ceiling. I have had bare bulbs up there forever! Now....
I have real light fixtures!!

Wow, it really looks like a room in there now! It makes me want to do more laundry! I love that I have a spot where I can put all the random things I love! What a great space.


Sharon said...

It is so fun and cheery! You did a great job. I love the little shelf with all the nooks and crannies and your miniatures that you put in there. I also like your neat light set and all the fun frogs!

Now doing laundry will be more fun!

Hugs, Sharon
I'm still sick, I sure hope I'm better tomorrow.