Saturday, January 3, 2009


So what do you get a young, aspiring magician for Christmas? Cards of course.Cards, cards and more cards! Here is Austin with some of his cards. He always has a deck of cards with him and is always ready to show a new trick. I had so much fun buying him all sorts of different cards. Every time I would tell myself not to buy anymore I would come across another cool deck......and buy it. I got many of them from ebay. He had so many that six days before Christmas I let him open a deck a day and he still had a ton left over for Christmas. It was so much fun!Of course his ornament for the year fit right in. This old world glass ornament looks like a deck of Christmas tree backed cards.......

And the other side is............. pretty cool huh?Oh, and the above picture is very dark. (it is not from my new camera) but Austin got a hair cut! He had so much hair! But now it is gone. I think he looks so cute now. Here he is with less hair and showing off his money and new hat!I had to take him to the ENT yesterday. He is going to have to have surgery. He has never had any ear problems until this summer. He has a large build up of fluid behind his ear drums that is causing pain and some hearing loss. They are also doing some surgery on his throat. He has some sort of growth next to his uvula. You know that thing that hangs down in the back of your throat? Well, it looks like he has two of them. I have noticed it before and thought it was strange but no doctor has ever said anything about it. Well, the ENT said, "Oh, oh! That is not good. That should not be there". Kinda scared me. But he said they will remove it and send it off to see what it is. Hmm.....strange. Anyhow, here he is cutting up in the office.

Nice hair cut man!

Way better hairdo than this..........................LOL!


jennifer said...

His haircut looks great! And how cool that he likes cards. I collected vintage playing cards at one time. I don't know where they all went... boxe up some where I'm sure.

Happy New Year Sondra!

nannykim said...

Wow--hope everything goes fine on the surgery. I never thought about all the kinds of cards available!!That would be fun, I need to play more games---I love reading too much and games take work!! (I know it is play, but some play takes lots of energy in the thinking department!)

The Hair looks lots better!! Hey I have found some gluten free dairy free recipes that are good. The brownie one on my recipe blog is quite good. The pasta ones are good using gluten free pasta (you just have to be careful not to overcook).Can you have soy products?

nannykim said...

Hey--the only bread recipe I have liked so far that does not come from a box--that is gluten free and dairy free is the one for rosemary rolls--you can experiment with the seasonings which I have started doing--ie if you like garlic add garlic or Italian seasoning. If you use other oil than the olive oil you may like it better too --it is here :

Carla said...

Its just almost not fair for a teenage boy to have such beautiful hair!!! Love the new cut, what a cool idea on the cards, love the ornament, and hope the surgery goes well:)