Sunday, January 11, 2009


First I will show you one of my new outfits. Betty Jo bought me this great necklace and earrings a few months ago so I thought they would go great with my new outfit.I pulled out my cute black heals and put it all together with my new French Dressing jean outfit.

How does it look?
Saturday morning we went to Aaron's basketball game.

We were so close for most of the game but ended up losing in the end. Many adults in the stands were upset by many of the refs calls but we always have that problem when we play this certain team. Oh, well as long as the boys have fun!
At around 4 pm my sister, Sara and I took of for the auction. Sara has never been and I forewarned her that it would last a long time. I got home around 11:30!
I got this great vintage stool for Aaron for $7.50.
I got me a cool looking vanity chair for $5.00.
I got Aaron this vintage framed Nike poster for $5.00.
They have this one room that has tons and tons of $5.00 boxes. They have all assorted stuff in them. You put your bidder number in the box and if no one else bids you get it for $5.00. I got this box with glass ware and was so excited to find an unopened pack of vintage McDonalds playing cards! Lucky for Austin! (Read a few post back to see about his card collection)
The main reason I got that box was for this Montgomery Wards pitcher. I already had the Sears one so now I have the other one.
They also had a HUGE amount of stuff that came from a floral shop that closed down. I bought 4 huge boxes of Christmas greenery for $5.00!
There was lots of garland and swags and wreaths. There is also picks with berries and pinecones and a few mini Christmas trees.
And way in the bottom of one box was this cute little velvet deer family. I still have to pick up the other boxes later today so I will see what other treasures I might find. I could never have bought even one length of green garland for $5.00. What a bargain.
I got this mirror for $3.00. I think I might put it in Austin's room.

I really did not have much money to spend. The main reason I went was because they had this Hoosier cabinet that I was really in love with. It looked a lot like this one but it was older and beat up a bit. It even had the old flour sifter built in. It had an enamel top. It would have went so well in my kitchen. It sold for $105. That was a steal and I surely would have bought it had I had the extra money. Oh, well maybe next time.
If you have never been to an estate auction you should go. It is a blast. The auctions that we go to are Absolute which means everything sells even if it is for $5.00. There were so many large pieces of antique furniture that went for $80- $100. Great bargains. So much fun.


Sweet Nothings said...

I love the jewelry she got you! It's absolutely beautiful! The jean outfit looks great on you as well!

I will let you know if I figure out that flash/blurry issue with my camera. One blogger suggested using a faster shutter speed when not using a flash. Maybe that will work!

In Him,

jennifer said...

You looked GREAT in your outfit. The necklace was SO pretty.

And yes, 105 bucks for that Hoosier cabinet was a steal. Especially being trimed out in red. I have one and Hubby got a good deal on it but paid MORE than $105.

Before long, your kiddos will be up and grown, and there will be extra money for things like that. Of course I know you aren't quite ready for that :)

Carla said...

What fun! Love your outfit! Boy, you and Austin scored big time! The little deer family is darling, I can't believe you found cards to add to the collection, and I hope you find the right hoosier for you! I've always wished for a spot for one. Enjoy your new treasures:)

Lori said...

You do like pretty dressed up in your new outfit. I like your new jewelry.

Wow! You did find some great deals at the auction.
I really like that hoosiers cabinet.

nannykim said...

I love estate auctions!! We have only been to them a couple of times in our married life (but I used to go often as a kid). I loved bidding on a mysterious box and the fun of great finds inside!!

Lori said...

I emailed you. Email back when you can. It's been a long time since we've caught up with each others lives.

Sharon said...

Wow! I wish I was there! You got such great deals! I have never been to an estate auction, sounds like a ton of fun! I love your outfit! You made great choices with your new clothes!