Sunday, March 1, 2009


Saturday was the big day for Lynn's baby shower. I have been so excited since finding out she was pregnant. Like I have said before- she deserves this baby more than anyone I personally know. I of course wanted to host the baby shower. We do not and will not know if the baby is a boy or a girl until it arrives. So we needed a neutral theme. I found these adorable sweet pea items on the internet. Everything was based around this darling little sweet pea.The most difficult thing was finding the appropriate cake or cupcake. I had a local bakery attempt to make me what I was wanting. I was horrified when I saw the first cupcake they made. It looked like either an old wrinkled man or an elf. I asked them to please try again.They used marzipan the second time and it was cute. But they wanted 4 dollars per cupcake. I thought that was way to expensive............So......................
Look who ended up with making the cake. My sweet little Austin! We made homemade fondant and he got busy 'sculpting'.He worked so hard on this and was up very late and up again early Sat. morning. I had a local grocery store make a plain white sheet cake and left the rest up to Austin.
Here is the final cake! I was not very happy with the way the store did not smooth the white icing. I have this huge cake anxiety thing about everything being perfect- this is one reason I do not make them for people any more. I get way to stressed out doing it! So Austin took over and look at what a fabulous job he did. Isn't it just adorable???
He even made little pea pods to go around the sides.

We had so much food. My sister worked so hard on cutting fruit and veggies and slicing bread while I was at work that morning. Very professional job she did.
The amount of gifts where overwhelming! She got so many things that were greatly needed.

We played a baby trivia game. See everyone concentrating hard on the questions.

Then we passed around a roll of caution tape and everyone had to cut off the amount that they thought would fit around her belly.
It was much harder than you would think. See how long the tape looks that he is cutting? You would be amazed that when you wrap it around it really is not that far off.
Here is Lynn with her mom. Her mom cut WAY to much! I think she overshot more than anyone.
Here is my mom and Lynn. Mom went the other way and made it too small.
Hannah, Lynn's little niece got it right on the money!
Here is more of the gifts.
Sweet little ducky. See the pea pod ballon. Took me forever to find those.
My sister and mom made this cute gift. Inside was a trash can with all sorts of stuff in it. See the nice basket behind too? It was loaded with goodies.
Cute baby balloon.
Here is a jar full of sweet pea pods. We played guess how many peas in the jar. We played other games but I did not get any pics.
We had the party at Sandy's club house at the apartments where he works. Hannah helped us clean up after it was over. She is so sweet. She looks exactly like Lynn did at that age.
Here is Sandy taking out all the trash for me. He was such a trooper. He stayed on the side lines the whole time although there was one guy there and two younger boys.
Here is mom's big belly. Don't you love that sweet pea crosage?
Thanks Lynn for making me look so skinny in this pic!! Just kiddding!
We had a wonderful time. Lynn and I have been friend since she was about 6. I am way older than her but we have always gotten along just like we are the same age.
What a great friend she has always been to me! I love you Lynn!


Sweet Nothings said...

How sweet of Austin to make that cake look so special! He's a great little baker!

jennifer said...

First of all, AUSTIN ROCKS! How cool that he stepped in and helped his mom. I want my son to be a good young man like Austin when he is the same age.

I don't know when I have ever seen such a cute shower theme. The sweet pea turned out so cute!

Have a great week Sondra!

jennifer said...

Oh! And such a beatiful Mommy to be! Best of luck to Lynn!!!!

Carla said...

what fun! I can see Austin has an artist's eye, must get that from you:) Blessings to you all:)

Persuaded said...

That has got to be the most adorable cake *ever*!! Actually the whole shower was just lovely... you did a wonderful job and I'm sure the new mama was very blessed♥

Sharon said...

What a beautiful shower you gave her! I love the sweet pea theme! So cute! Austin did an amazing job on that cake! Wow!!! What a sweet boy for wanting to do that. Your boys are amazing!

Hugs, Sharon

Lori said...

What a fun baby shower you planned out. The pics are great.

Your food set up and all the the green looks great.

Miss ya.
I'm missing in action again.
I had/ have the flu.
I will try and post tomorrow.

Hugs, Lori

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