Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sunday started out being a very busy day. Austin and I had to be at church early for the Creative Team Ministries. Little did I know that I will still be going strong way after midnight.

See the clock? It is after 11pm and 32 degree's outside. Hmm... that sounds cold enough for .......

SNOW!! ! Yes, we FINALLY got some snow here in the south. And we got a good bit. Several inches. When I got home after 11 pm I found Billy and Austin outside making this huge snowman. So, where was I all day????????????????
Waiting, waiting for Lynn's sweet pea to be born! Yep, we just had the shower on Saturday and Sunday she walked into Lowe's and her water broke! She was 5 weeks early so we were all a little concerned. Here is the sweet little Zachary Hunter weighing in at 5lbs 12 oz.
He is just as small as his teddy bear.
Here I am with him. I just could not put him down.

Here he is with mom. Dad is in the background. Dad wanted to name him "Redneck"! LOL! That did not go over with everyone very well. It did take several days for them to pick a name.
The sweet little guy had to stay a few extra days and just finally got to go home today. He was having some trouble eating, and then had to go under the light, and then his temperature dropped. But he is doing good now and is home safe!
Isn't he the cutest little thing you have ever seen? I just cannot believe that she went into labor on the one day that it snows. Snow is a rare thing and I LOVE playing out with the boys in it, but this is also a once in a lifetime event and I wanted to be there. Thankfully the boys were still outside when I got home late.
Here are some great shots I got of the boys playing in the snow. Here Billy is throwing a huge snow ball at Austin.

And another huge one!
But Austin got to get him too! Look at Billy's face. Too funny!
Here they are trying to throw the big balls that they made the snowman with.
Billy was trying to kick it down. It looks like he is dancing.
Austin tumbled down along with the snowman.
Kicking the snowman down.

So where was Wes? Bundled up inside on the couch. (I had the night shot on because it was dark so the flash killed his eyes)
The boys working late that night on the snowman.

Trees at the hospital.
Sweet baby boy!!!

Sorry my pics got all out of order, but blogger is acting crazy and will not let me move them around!
It is hard to believe it is almost Friday. We have had such an eventful past week. Have a great weekend all!


Frogdancer said...

What a gorgeous little boy. (Mine were never that tiny.... sigh....)

Sweet Nothings said...

Oh he is so precious! I was 5 pounds when I was born and I definitely gained weight quickly when I was a baby! :) I was pretty rolly!

Yay for snow for you guys too! We've had our fair share, so I'm actually ready for the warm weather but you've got some special memories there!

Have a great weekend!

Carla said...

He looks like a sweet pea! Congratulations on the snow and the baby!!!

Kimmie said...

cute baby-all new and shiny!


Lori said...

Hi there Sondra.

What a precious little baby boy.

Enjoy your snow.

I am just enjoying our much nicer, warmer weather.

Hugs, Lori

jennifer said...

I love the snowman's hat!

The baby is beautiful. Redneck would definitely be an unusual name... LOL!

nannykim said...

That baby is so cute!! and the cake in the post below is too--amazing that she went right after that!! We only had flurries here!