Monday, August 4, 2008


Oh, my the xbox is broken again. We had to send it back after 1 year and get a new one. Now this one is broken. I can't believe these things cost that much and then don't even last. They said it will be $100 to fix it. The boys and Sandy are taking it apart to see if they can fix it. What will Austin do! He may die of boredom. It is too hot to go outside here. We have been in the 100s. Maybe I will give them a long 'to do list'.


Frogdancer said...

Tell them that vacuuming is just as much fun as the Xbox.
(You may need to sell it a little, though.....)

Celestial Freak said...

BUMMER! Game consoles just aren't made that well anymore, are they!? Kevin is on his 3rd! PS2! As I still wait to save up enough to buy a Wii! Oh well.

Glad to know Firefox is working for your blog visiting better, what were you using before?

Persuaded said...

i was going to leave a "humorous" comment, but then i read frogdancer's and laughed so hard i snorted my coffee onto my keyboard! anything i could write couldn't be funnier than that!

and hey miss sondra, i also wanted to thank you for your wonderful package- we got it last tues and it is so appreciated! i've already read what amelia calls the "amish romance novels" and look forward to using the other books with the kids next year. millen took one look at the noah's ark tote and fell in love with it, lol. it has become her "church bag" for which i am profoundly grateful. she had been using this wretched flimsy thing that was made at kids' club and decorated with markers. she was very attached to it, but it's hideous-ness made me cringe. my profound gratitude is due to you, my dear for removing it from my life;)
love ya lots,

jennifer said...

I pray that you won't be playing TAPS for the XBox. You are right - those things cost WAY too much to not last.


Kathi said...

I'm a mother of three teens. I totally relate to this post, Sondra. Kathi

Lori said...

Those gaming systems are so expensive.

Derek now wants an WII.
when he has had a PS2 for awhile. He has lots of games.

I keep saying no. Those things and all the games add up.

Carla said...

FUNNY! I can see my teens doing this back in the day-what a minute-I think I DID see my teens doing this back in the day!