Thursday, August 7, 2008

111- yes -111

That was the temperature here yesterday. Our A/C has gone out at work and it has been miserable. They are having to order a new unit so today will be day number three of working in the heat. We did get to go home early one day. We have been turning off all the lights to keep cool and we have been eating a lot of popsicles. :)Dennis drove the golf cart over to the store to buy us some popsicles.
Jeanne cooling off with a blue one. Turning the lights out has helped it stay a little cooler. Can you see the blue popsicle?Louanne with her orange one. We all were showing off our colored tounge afterwards. We have been having a good time walking around bare foot, working in the dark and eating cool treats, but it will be nice to have cool air again soon.


Kathi said...

Oh Sondra, That heat would be hard to handle. You poor dears. The popcicles are a great idea. It's great that you are making the situation fun with your funny colored tongues. Cute!! I hope you get relief soon. Kathi