Thursday, February 4, 2010

Udate on my life :)

It has been awhile since I have blogged. Life is so busy. Here is what's been going on. Austin finally got his braces off. Here he is before....And now...after.....

Mama kitty had another litter of kittens. We were able to find wonderful homes for them thanks to Craigs list. Now, we will have her fixed and claim her officially as 'our cat'!The boys are still dealing with the loss of their grandparents and now a different kind of loss with their dad as he is now in jail for the next 8 years. However, Billy and Wes have been given a new home that is paid for! I am so happy for them. Here is the outside from the front.And from the back.

Here is Wes' room. He picked a nice blue color for the walls.
And he made his first ever finance purchase....a big tv...of course!
He is the lucky one and has his own bathroom.
This is Billy's room. Always neat and organized.

They have a very large living room. It is still kind of empty but they are working on it.

And a big dining room.

Here is the kitchen. Their friend Gary also lives with them in the third bedroom. Gary and Wes do all the cooking. Billy would just eat out of a can :)

The main bathroom is so funny. It is black tile with pink.....but even funnier is the......

red carpet!! I am so happy that they were able to inherit such a nice big safe house. It makes me feel good knowing that they are safe and warm. They do such a great job in keeping it clean. They also have a full basement with a kitchen and bath down there as well.

In other news.... we had a small snow/ice storm. I had four of Aaron's friends stranded at my house over night. I cooked them all a big breakfast and they hung out for the day. Then as they were leaving Jon got his car stuck in the ditch so that just added to the excitement. But they all made it home safe.

My sweet godson Zack is getting so big and so is.....

my niece's baby, Kasadie.
And since I didn't blog at Christmas here are two of my favorite photos. All my boys..
And Aaron and his Pap sleeping while waiting for dinner and more present opening.


Persuaded said...

My goodness girl, you've certainly gotta lot goin' on! What nice digs for your boys, and what adorable Christmas babies♥

Nice to have you back among the blogging m'dear! ((hugs))

jennifer said...

Hey! I didn't recognize "Sondra and Sara"... glad to see YOU this morning :)

Great smile on Austin. We are going THIS MORNING We diving head long into that experience.

Congrats to your boys on their home!! It looks very nice.

I hope you have a wonderful week Sondra! Be blessed.

jennifer said...

We ARE diving (can you tell someone is sleepy? That would be ME!)



jennifer said...

YAY! You fixed it! You can use my blog as a test ANY time :)