Friday, July 10, 2009


I found the following paper that my son wrote. He does not know that I have read this. It brings tears to my eyes each time I read it. I only wish that the boys could have the chance to have even more memories.

Off The Edge
By:Aaron Carey

I can still replay that dreadful day over and over in my head like a slow motion instant
replay. It was September 16th, 2008 and it began like any normal day. I woke up got ready for school and prepared myself for a day that I won't soon forget. School was going the same it usually does and as i reached the lunch room I take a seat at the table and began my meal. My cousin walks by letting me know she is on her way home but, not knowing why her mother was here to get her. I thought that was a little unusual so I began thinking what could be happening.
Then a girl comes out the office points to me and says, "Aaron they need you in the office." With a look of confusion and fear I grabbed my bag and walked slowly to the door. I saw my uncle was there also and at that point my heart sunk quicker then the Titanic because I knew something was out of order. My uncle grabbed my shoulder and said, "Aaron, your grandparents were in an accident" my face was filled with fear and shock as I looked over and my aunt and cousin both had tears flowing down their cheeks. As my lips trembled I asked, "What happened? Are they okay?" His eyes began to water up and he looks me in the eyes and says, "No, Aaron your grandparents were killed" my face turned blank and I was shaking and sweating.
The next thing I remember was leaving the school and as I walked to my car my knees
shook and my gut was tied in knots. It seemed as if everything was moving in slow motion as I approached my car. I opened the door and climbed in and then placed my head on the steering wheel as salty tears began to slowly drip down my face. I started up the car and drove to meet my family and as I pulled up I wiped away the tears so that I could stay mentally strong for everyone else because they dearly need it.

I remember all the years that we would gather with my grandparents for holidays or
Sunday dinners. I can still remember to this day the way things were at the Carey house. You
would knock on the door and hear the soft voice of an angel on earth as my grandma opened the door. The smell of food cooking always filled the air and after a hug and hello from grandma, you would walk down the hall and look in the living room as my grandpa sat in his favorite seat watching football. He would give you a firm handshake and catch you up on all the games going on in a minutes time. Then you walk back across the floors that moaned beneath your feet as you took a step back toward the kitchen. My grandma then fixes a plate of food, putting a small amount of vegetables to keep us healthy, and everyone would take their seat and the dinner would ensue.

I remember all the summers spent in their swimming pool and all the days spent on the
cement shooting basketball. My favorite summer was when I was ten and everyday summer day my grandma would pick up me, my youngest brother, and cousin. We would all head over and the first thing we would do is hurry downstairs to get dressed to go swimming. We would hurry to the pool jump in and the water was always as cold as the ice cream that my grandma would prepare us after lunch. We would swim for a couple hours as my grandma looked down on us from the kitchen window and she would just smile. Then when we finished she would make us all any lunch we wanted and ice cream atfer we gulped down our lunch. All of us would then go out in the front yard to play basketball on that old orange and white clemson basketball hoop.
Those days were the best days of my childhood by far.

I remember getting out of my car and walking to the house that I always knew as my
grandparents and slowly opened the door. The looks of fear in everyones face sent a sharp
piercing pain threw my heart. I walk up to my dad and he grabs me up and bear hugs me as tears flooded his eyes and he kept repeating, "It is not fair. It's just not fair." He let go and I walked to my grandpa's favorite chair and took a seat with a blank look on my face but inside the pain was overbearing. The next couple days as everyone mourned and cried, I sat with a blank stare but, a helping hand still for anyone who needed anything.

The funeral was a fuzzy memory as I sat in the church and my mind was replaying
memories and telling myself that this is all a bad dream. The moment I helped lift that coffin is
the moment I knew this was not a dream and even after lying down the coffin I still felt the
weight of the world pushing down on me. Nothing would ever be the same again.
It has been a couple months since my grandparents passing and things in my life have not
been looking up. All those emotions I bottled up during their passing, and other life events, began to come out in a weird fashion. It all led to me sitting in my room with an empty face and my music playing. I feel into depression and the pain was unreal and life was not going my way at all. As more things piled up the more depressed I became and even now I am still in a depressed state and trying to find a way to deal with all of this pain I am suffering. The death of my grandparents was the boiling point for all these emotions and it sent me off the edge.

Also I want to post this. So many of Holly's friends just keep saying over and over that Holly did not know that she hit anyone. She first said she thought she hit a curb and later maybe a telephone pole. This is the one part of the whole thing that I have the most difficult time with. I really do not comment on the local sites because I think it is best not to, but at this point I felt I had to say something. I wrote this- I just wanted to short and to the point but yet express what I really felt. I hope I accomplished that.
I am sorry but I really have to say something here. I really do not want to banter back and forth with people about this case but I just really have to say this because of all the things that bother me most -it is this fact that you are talking about here. Honestly, think about this. If you clip a car, the jolt of that in it self will alert you. Then to hit the curb and then hit two grown can you NOT know. Honestly, how can you not know. I think the first jolt or second jolt would surely startle you enough to realize that the final 'bump' is that of two people. Those bushes over there are really small. I have been behind the wheel of a jeep liberty. There is just no way that she did not know. I am sorry, but no way.


Kimmie said...

Sending a hug and praying for peace for you.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Sharon said...

This is just heartbreaking. I am so sorry Sondra. I'll pray for Aaron. Bless his heart.

Gentle hugs, Sharon

Anna said...

I knew Mr. and Mrs. Carey from church. Mrs. Carey taught my little brother in Sunday school and Mr. Carey always gave us candy when we were younger. Mrs. Carey always had a hug for me and Mr. Carey always had a handshake. I miss them both so much. I know how bad the shock was for me when my momma told me what had happened...I can't imagine the pain and hurt that your kids and the rest of the Carey family have been through. I pray for ya'll every day and every time I think about Mr. and Mrs. Carey. I hope things for Aaron will start looking up soon.
By the way, I agree completely 100% with what you posted on the news. I thought the same thing...
Love and prayers, Anna